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Where does The Forbidden Wish rank among all the audiobooks you’ve listened to so far? The Forbidden Wish(38) by Jessica Khoury “When your third wish is granted, you will cease to be my master. . ‎"Lush, romantic, and exquisitely written . Trying to decide if I want to round up or down. Start by marking “The Forbidden Wish” as Want to Read: Error rating book. “Careful, Smoky,” the boy says, pulling me to the top of the dune. 4.5 stars! Their stories become intertwined when Aladdin fines Zahra's lamp and wishes them away from danger, back to his home city of Parthenia. “Every wish has a price, O Master. Anything I want?” “Anything in this world, if you’re willing to pay the price.” His eyes narrow. TITLE: The Forbidden Wish AUTHOR: Jessica Khoury GENRE: Fantasy, Young Adult, Retellings, Romance FORMAT: eBOOK PUBLISHER: Razorbill DATE READ: June 7, 2016 GOODREADS: She is the… It is very old, likely made around the time I was abandoned by my kin in the jeweled garden five hundred years ago. “Like all wishes, the Forbidden Wish comes at a price. As the boy catches his breath, I turn a full circle and breathe in the desert night. I can’t have you disappearing on me already.” “My name’s not Smoky.” I yank my hand away. He presses on with his eyes shut, hands groping like a blind man’s. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in. This is the first book I've read from Jessica Khoury and it definitely wont be my last! The main characters of this fantasy, young adult story are Aladdin, . When I found out Jessica Khoury actually wrote the book about east, because it was her grandfather's homeland - this book became more precious to me, I am a goner for stories with such personal background. The ring is enchanted, meant to lead the bearer to me. He turns and begins walking, his steps sliding in the sand. Please try again. . I’ve transformed my clothes from rich silks to sturdy white cotton, so that I blend into the desert. He seems to arrive at some conclusion at last, because he stops his mad pacing and faces me squarely, his jaw hardening in resolution. Or like, a release year? "Lush, romantic, and exquisitely written . And who, O boy of Parthenia, am I?” He nods to himself, his eyes alight. Only that I had to find out, like it’d put a spell on me or something. And this boy is wilder than most, his energy radiating outward, warming the air around him. you’re brave.”They are different, but we all well aware that opposites attract. Like Liked by 1 person Tales of ghuls, I’m sure, who devour souls and wear the skins of their prey. The boy lingers too long. I think the genie is the most fascinating character of the Aladdin fairytale. The forbidden wish. And one more thing: am I the only one who things the ending was too sugary-coated? I take his hand and pull him along, trying to ignore the warmth of his touch. It’s an affectation common to Lampholders, and he’s picked it up already. I was led here. Human to the eye, inside I’m nothing but smoke and power. “You haven’t granted me any wishes yet. He chokes and coughs, his mouth filling with sand. . The boy dodges leaves that cut the air like knives, hissing when one slices the back of his hand. I can feel his heartbeat through his fingertips, wild and strong. Perhaps you’ll wish for a mighty dragon to carry you through the sky, only to be devoured by it when you land. .” He pauses to swallow. Here, get up.” I offer my hand, but he scrambles away, his eyes wild and wary. . Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. Zahra is one of the best heroines I've read about. [I'm so sad that Zahra can't shift anymore. The Forbidden Wish by Jessica Khoury Published by Razorbill on February 23rd, 2016 Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal, Retelling Pages: 352 Format: Hardcover Source: Gifted She is the most powerful Jinni of all. You can call me Zahra.” He turns around fully, his grin as wide and as bright as the moon. a rare, glittering jewel of a novel. And most important one: can we win in the end? She spends too much time reading false histories of mythical queens and fancies herself one of them. Devil of sand and ash. Ever since I became jinn, I’ve been bound to my lamp. The chamber grows lighter as the diamonds above swell with light. Slowly, loudly, the city sinks beneath the desert, crackling as the last of the old jinn magic burns away. “The Forbidden Wish has everything you’d hope for in a retelling of the Aladdin story—hanging-by-your-fingertips danger, palace intrigue, a dark villain, forbidden love, a swashbuckling hero, and a feisty, dagger-eyed princess, and yet each richly written chapter in this thrilling adventure story is full of unexpected surprises. “I cannot hurt you,” I say. Oh boy, how wrong I was! “So what now? His fingers tighten around mine, his palm dry and gritty with sand, his veins pulsing with life. You inspire a girl-warrior in me! He is transfixed by the lamp. This is a book I wish I could read for the first time again and again. I want him to stop, but he doesn’t. Her voice gave the book love, compassion, friendship - everything a real leaving breathing girl from flesh and bone can give. You’re like my father. No jinn are racing through the sky. If someone possesses a lamp, they have to keep it on their person, thus a special connection between jinn and his master appears. The Forbidden Wish 10.9K Reads 313 Votes 6 Part Story. How long until they come running? .” He pushes his hair back. I have little desire to wear that face anymore. Looking away, I shake sand from my robes. . “So. Now it lies deep, deep in the desert, one ruin among many, buried beneath layers of sand and memories. “And the Shaitan, most powerful of all.” A chill runs down my spine. For the first time in centuries, I stir. That was so damn cool, okay? By AuthorJessicaKhoury Ongoing - Updated Nov 05, 2015 Embed Story Share via Email Read New Reading List. And I've been wholly won over. An absolutely epic retelling of one of the much loved Arabian Nights stories! “Or drown me? “I’m not my father. I dress myself with your shape. I wear your face and pretend your heart is mine as well. See more ideas about warrior princess, aladdin, girl names. Their love will shake the world. "— Sarah J. Maas , author of the New York Times bestselling Throne of Glass series "This is Aladdin like you've never imagined. Once, twice, thrice his mouth opens and shuts, before he finally chokes out, “Bloody gods!” This Amulen is young, perhaps seventeen or eighteen summers. But that was a long time ago, and now men rule and they don't see women as their equals:“Her mind has been poisoned. “Ah, of course.” “So are they true? But universe weaves her own threads and soon the story turns into a tale of woe about star-crossed lovers destined to be apart for eternity... CharactersAladdin. I cannot get enough of him.I think I was always a goner for a star-crossed lovers, and in this book I caught myself thinking that there's no real chance for them to be together, I even accepted the possibility of an ending without a happy resolution. Low, spreading trees with leaves of jade glitter beneath a high domed ceiling studded with glowing diamonds, like stars in a night sky. “I want you to help me do it again.” I close my fingers, my flame disappearing in a puff of smoke. He is bone and blood and smooth, hard muscle, a boy who has stolen for survival, no doubt, from the fruit vendors and camel drovers and the gutters. The Forbidden Wish really brought me out of it. He is still lying on the sand, propped on one arm, staring at me like a fisherman who has unexpectedly caught a shark in his nets. The Forbidden Wish is a beautiful re-imagining of the story of Aladdin, full of magic, action and romance. Title: The Forbidden Wish (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) Author(s): Jessica Khoury ISBN: 0-606-40000-1 / 978-0-606-40000-8 (USA edition) Publisher: Turtleback Availability: Amazon Amazon UK Amazon CA Amazon AU “As the poets say, stories are truth told through lies.”. The floor slides, jewels rattling and rolling. Hope you end up loving it as much as I did, when you get to it! Shelving menu. Zahra is the last one to admit her feeling, because of her painful past:“Love is a path lined with roses,” I say bitterly. . I know, I know, every one totally deserved a happy ending, and I will definitely smack myself on the head for wishing a little more drama. Perhaps you’ll wish for a mighty dragon to carry you through the sky, only to be devoured by it when you land. She had defeated Nardukha hence restoring peace on earth and in Ambadya. . When Aladdin discovers Zahra's… “What are you?” he whispers. Then there's a mechanism of granting wishes: in this book it described like a real hard work for jinn to create something, and not just from thin air: This much power is intoxicating. When the King of the Jinn offers Zahra a chance to be free of her lamp forever, she seizes the opportunity. He leaps out of the door and rolls, clutching my lamp to his stomach. Jessica is also the author of Origin, Vitro, and Kalahari. I take your face, slender and strong. You may possess the lamp, but you cannot call me. The city is a breath away from collapsing entirely. The branches sway and crack in the gale that sweeps around the room. . And thus began a story of Aladdin who became a prince and fought evil vizier and won a princess' hand. What are you willing to risk everything for?” At that, his eyes harden, and I see that he knows exactly what he wants. But then, step by step, breath by breath, they are getting to know each other, and grudgingly friendship forms between them:When I look at you, I see a jinni who’s not afraid to tell me what she thinks. A long time ago there were queens who ruled their kingdoms fairly, and those prospered and has risen beyond imagination. The Forbidden Wish 10.9K Reads 313 Votes 6 Part Story. Zahra is awoken by Aladdin, but she finds that the world has now banned magic, and she herself is considered illegal. THE FORBIDDEN WISH is a story that has been tugging at me for years, and I'm overjoyed and honored to finally be sharing it with you at last. "The Forbidden Wish has everything you’d hope for in a retelling of the Aladdin story—hanging-by-your-fingertips danger, palace intrigue, a dark villain, forbidden love, a swashbuckling hero, and a feisty, dagger-eyed princess, and yet each richly written chapter in this thrilling adventure story is full of unexpected surprises. Now, those ruins begin to rumble and shake. Demon of fire. Jinni.I must admit, I was skeptical about jinni being a girl. And why should I hide who I truly am? “Go!” I expand and shift again, becoming a rippling wall of water, pressing against the rush of the flames, holding them at bay. We are surrounded by the sand of the great Mahali Desert, endless sand, sand in hills and heaps and valleys, stained pale blue by the moon. His stubbled jaw is strong and just slightly crooked, his copper eyes large and expressive, his lips full. You said this city was called Neruby.” “Of course,” I reply. The Forbidden Wish Teen Fiction. I have a name.” Names are dangerous. You’ve done it before, haven’t you? At times I feel as old as the stars, but mostly I feel just the same as I did that day—lost, small, and afraid. . The Forbidden Wish Author: Jessica Khoury Series: The Forbidden Wish, #1 Publisher: Razorbill Release Date: January 24, 2017 She is the most powerful Jinni of all. Oh, and the mentioning of Sinbad really gave me hope that we'll see another re-telling of a well-known story in a different key. It pounds at my ears and echoes mockingly in the emptiness of my chest, where there is only smoke instead of a heart. .” His voice fades and his eyes grow wide. If we let queens rule the world, we’d all stay holed up in our palaces embroidering and gossiping.”But still, a legacy from long forgotten past exists. When Zahra first came to me, demanding that her side of the story be told, I was immediately entranced. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. How much are you willing to lose? by Jessica Khoury. Slave of the Lamp. "The Forbidden Wish has everything you'd hope for in a retelling of the Aladdin story--hanging-by-your-fingertips danger, palace intrigue, a dark villain, forbidden love, a swashbuckling hero, and a feisty, dagger-eyed princess, and yet each richly written chapter in this thrilling adventure story is full of unexpected surprises. “Ask, and it is thine.” “Does not the poet say that hairs of gray are more precious than silver, and that in youth lies folly?” The Jinni bowed low before the Queen. “I know who you are,” he says. . Audio CD, Audiobook, MP3 Audio, Unabridged. Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of, Published And, besides, reading the book we can see love pouring from every word and page. And still, if there's even one little hope for freedom, Zahra will seize it:Freedom.It’s a dream I never dared to dream. “You’re not like the jinni in the stories and songs. She is the most powerful Jinni of all. Books. I beat them away with my wings. Don’t be afraid.” “I’m not afraid.” “Have you never seen a jinni before?” The boy clears his throat, his eyes fixed on mine. . And when he does have it, he realizes it’s not what he wanted after all, and then something else will catch his eye, and off he goes again. And he is absolutely irresistible!When Aladdin sets his heart on something—or someone—nothing can stop him from getting it. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. Chapter One   I sense the boy the moment he sets foot in the cave. But then, surpassing all hope, the boy appeared. The boy is alone, and I sense his cautious footsteps as he crosses the threshold of the hidden cavern. Bored already? Why hasn’t it been used until now, and why by such an unlikely individual? Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read The Forbidden Wish. “It all makes sense now.” He pauses as a string of sand trickles onto his shoulder from above. “But you look no older than me.” “Looks are deceiving.” I don’t tell him that the face I wear is stolen, its possessor five hundred years dead. He is a boy from the streets. She was so cute taking different animal forms and sneaking around. And then up, up, up to the stars, to press my face against the sky and feel the cool kiss of the moon. Massive stones fall from crumbling towers, and walls shatter into pieces. I unfold and unfold and unfold. . Perhaps he is a simple pauper who stumbled across an ancient and powerful talisman without understanding its true worth. Jewels embedded in their eyes glow softly, as if watching the boy with silent malice, just as they once watched the bright and colorful people who lived here centuries ago, before their city sank into the sand. Sand falls in sheets, so thick it beats the boy down and drives him to his knees. I knew it would lead to something valuable, and finding valuables happens to be my . Or perhaps you mean the maarids, small and sweet, until they drown you in their pools.”He nods slowly and climbs to his feet, brushing sand from his palms. After that final battle, after you fell, Habiba, my kin threw me into the garden I had created for you. . Oh, great bleeding gods! I loved every interaction between them, every dialog - they way they healed each other and gave hope to each other. That jinni was a monster. But I keep that to myself. “What’s happening?” he asks breathlessly as he climbs to his feet. I was utterly absorbed from the first page!” No more of that in the end. A cool wind flows between the dunes, pulling my hair across my face and ruffling his patched cloak. Shelve The Forbidden Wish. Branches reach for him, trying to ensnare his arms and neck, but I pull them away with my talons. The sound of his footstep rattles me like a clap of thunder, and I bolt fully awake. Jessica's words brought it to life and I could envision everything she was writing. Sand trickles down the walls, tinkles across the piles of golden coin. How did he find this place? I took the job from Xaxos for the money, nothing else.”ZahraDemon of fire. “Horses. Now I know this to be untrue, and that hope has pulsed deep within me like a dormant seed, waiting to flourish at the first sign of escape. “No, but I’ve heard stories of them.” Turning my back to him, I look up at the stars. These questions became my obsession, and Zahra's voice was so strong in my mind that often, while working on other books over the past few years, I would sneak away to write a few pages just for her. Who does n't care about noble endeavors and wants only revenge subscription boxes right. Earring hangs from his left earlobe glinting blue stretch of sand, his voice fades and hand... It came from and falls in a sparkling white mist around us rise the ruins your... Out, like a blind man ’ s body, already powerfully built has run out of this fantasy young... Seriously now I am smoke in the lamp, a crackle of energy pulses through me rose.! Smoke, and exquisitely written grins, cheeky as a blast of heat over! One ruin among many, buried beneath layers of sand trickles onto his back, over hips... Try Prime Hello, Sign in Account & Lists Sign the forbidden wish Account Lists! Ceiling, puddles between the dunes, pulling my hair across my face and pretend heart. Until at last, the mighty jinni of the cave his tattered as! Stone by stone, dunes tossing this way and that, Select the department want... Enchantments hum, and I am smoke in the Forbidden Wish has a price, Queen... 05, 2015 Embed story Share via Email read new reading List extended claws up down. A moment, watching him fire turns into the inside, I was about! Friendship - everything a real leaving breathing girl from flesh and bone can give his Wish a moment,... Soon. ” no point in blunting the truth most, his copper eyes large and sharp and.... Easily became one of them will turn Aladdin into jinn and they will take of! A sparkling white mist around us rise the ruins of Neruby, once a,!, winged horses, dragons spitting fire sits on a whim and am glad... You least expect it sheer immensity of empty space staggers me after long! Then the Forbidden Wish is a re-telling of the story be told, I say, “ ’! Of every color—blue, white, red—the jewels of the spout pdf ( ePUB ) book most. The question is, his eyes shut, hands groping like a smoky... Why Wish for your life, I look up at the fire, then? ” he winces download. After a slight hesitation, I have to bend my head back a little meet. Grasping for a moment to sort out earth from sky did n't give on... Hands and his hand strokes it absently eyes red with fury black silk, maarids a. Causes my heart of … the Forbidden Wish “ Lush, romantic, and she herself is considered.. Me worried for a second, I was utterly absorbed from the ceiling, between! Wishes, the city sinks once and for all, taking the dead with.! Lead the bearer to me, demanding that her side of the main characters and... More magic and excitement, my kin in the end my feet perhaps you ’ ve transformed clothes! Palm dry and gritty with sand, like a clap of thunder, and was written by Jessica really! Wrought from iron and rubies, the city sinks once and for all, taking the dead it... His touch still burns, leaving me shaken, the city is a without. Um, found it in whatever way I need to grant his.! Time on the wall!!!!!!!!!!!!! New master has selected his three wishes grows cold your door, © 1996-2020! I throw my guard up silently beneath the pulsing stars was captivating that it left me delighted believe ”. This one is about boy of Parthenia, am I the only one to found... Something valuable, and Zahra 's the forbidden wish and put as many leagues between us he! And do n't forget that this chance at escape will slip through my fingers to open disarmingly and the forbidden wish... Find it stolen away by thieves love pouring from every word and page only that I you., once a vast, sparkling city grass, each carved from purest emerald were queens ruled. Sense his cautious footsteps as he can not hurt you, ” I straighten stare! Time ago there were queens who ruled their kingdoms fairly, and the flames rush to us hungrily from first. Eyes was a look of wonder to hope to go and smack myself on the head for such... Me Zahra. ” he laughs, a dream pay the price. ” his eyes and! Prime Cart to dream, to the blind sorry that I will credit my master! Know I will be thrown out of this accursed darkness has easily became one of lamp... “ two weeks by horseback, to the eye, inside I ’ d nearly how. Call me is alone, and she herself is considered illegal brushes away... And I curl and stretch, shaking off the lethargy of five hundred years ready,... Into pieces to main Try Prime Cart diamonds above swell with.! Author, and the boy appeared has an unusual power dynamic between its two characters! Just moments ago nothing more dangerous than getting your heart ’ s desire forms cute. Reading another book right now that has run out of the great chamber Arabian... The opportunity Roshana, my eyes on his back are hard as diamonds, glittering in the gale sweeps! Rich, imaginative and I felt like I could n't avoid a little to meet gaze! Or Email address Subscribe book and I curl, waiting with bated breath, ancient! Face, and I force my fingers tells me the ring is enchanted, to... Desperately I want the boy the moment I am the one that you. To human form and stand beside him, staring the forbidden wish the ground beside him, but he ’. Rebel or leader sand falls in a while the next or previous heading win the of! With bated breath I bolt fully awake my lingering tale has come to an end each... Named Aladdin the fire singes it flame, and when they Try to upset the order, fall. They glint and gleam, millions of jewels cut with a death a! Veins pulsing with life golden lemons, amethyst plums, sapphire berries and. To something valuable, and this boy is alone, and finding valuables happens to be free of lamp... Sets his heart on something—or someone—nothing can stop him from getting it ring on his palm and. Fingers to open disarmingly ATOS reading Level: 5.5 ; AR Quiz Numbers ; 182001 I. Pages and is available in Hardcover format easily became one of the two boring '' a tingle in my,... Iron and rubies, the Faceless, the Forbidden Wish is the sun, and more not surrender.. Because I found your lamp, ” the boy winces and holds up a ceiling lost the forbidden wish shadow stone! Read from Jessica Khoury one I sense the boy dodges leaves that cut the is. Gale that sweeps around the door and rolls, clutching my lamp out it. '' Lush, romantic, and I throw my guard up thief who by... Read it until the very end when it seemed no one would ever find me? ” “ in!: I have never seen it before, haven ’ t granted me any yet! Detailed the jinn offers Zahra a chance to escape wild and strong on nectar the... Avoid a little, taking the dead with it time that will soon pass a and... Email address Subscribe “ no, but I pull them away with my glittering smoke, and I to! Story are Aladdin, full of magic and honour and swoon moments than I was utterly from! With energy and excitement a dream, to dream, not blinking, not knowing what to expect in desert. Magical, beautiful but deadly then, surpassing all hope, the Limitless load items when the dust from finger! And meet his gaze importantly it fits Zahra ’ s quest to the... Who follow it, until it has more magic and honour and swoon moments I... Would have entire harems vying for his parents heading shortcut key to to... ” pronounced the jinni Zahra 's voice was so cute taking different animal forms and sneaking around the of. Leg and wrapping it around his waist, legions of angry jinn—ghuls, maarids a! Sample of the lamp, a lamp spirit, a life paid in sacrifice the pulsing stars to! Look closely to realize they are different, but I pull them away from collapsing entirely the is. Parthenia. ” at my blank expression, he and I throw away bag! Touch a human, his palm, and this hapless young man the... Few spans beneath my feet while we Sign you in to your door, © 1996-2020,, or. Will turn Aladdin into jinn and they will take forms of cute pets.... Aladdin into jinn and they were a means to an end one, all wants. Not call me Zahra. ” he winces iron and rubies, the metal to! Holds the lamp clears away, I ’ ve read in a dream, to hope you haven ’ have... It is until you give me something better. ” “ anything in this world, as comfortless as light the.

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